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We are a worldwide supplier of cubic zirconia and synthetic gemstones and have been in operation since 1961, offering high quality stones at below wholesale prices. We have a large selection of bulk loose cubic zirconia and lab gem stones for sale in various shapes, colors and sizes, up to giant cubic zirconias of 75mm.

For a complete listing of our cubic zirconia and other lab created gems, please browse our Catalog and Overstock pages and place your order. Also be sure to check out our Specials - Discounts.depending on shape and type, sizes range from 1mm to 75mm. All specials and discoutns are Grade A, unless otherwise noted.

We offer fast worldwide delivery and a 100% guarantee on all products! 

giant cubic zirconia
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Amethyst Cubic Zirconia
  Amethyst Heart
  Amethyst Marquise
  Amethyst Octagon
  Amethyst Oval
  Amethyst Pear
  Amethyst Round
  Amethyst Square
  Amethyst Trillion
Aqua Cubic Zirconia
  Aqua Heart
  Aqua Octagon
  Aqua Oval
  Aqua Round
  Aqua Square
  Aqua Trillion
Champagne Cubic Zirconia
  Champagne Heart
  Champagne Marquise
  Champagne Octagon
  Champagne Oval
  Champagne Pear
  Champagne Round
  Champagne Square
  Champagne Trillion
Citrine Yellow Cubic Zirconia
  Citrine Yellow Heart
  Citrine Yellow Marquise
  Citrine Yellow Octagon
  Citrine Yellow Oval
  Citrine Yellow Pear
  Citrine Yellow Round
  Citrine Yellow Square
  Citrine Yellow Trillion
Emerald Cubic Zirconia
  Emerald Heart
  Emerald Marquise
  Emerald Octagon
  Emerald Pear
  Emerald Oval
  Emerald Round
  Emerald Square
  Emerald Trillion
Garnet Cubic Zirconia
  Garnet Heart
  Garnet Marquise
  Garnet Octagon
  Garnet Oval
  Garnet Pear
  Garnet Round
  Garnet Square
  Garnet Trillion
Lavender Cubic Zirconia
  Lavender Heart
  Lavender Marquise
  Lavender Octagon
  Lavender Oval
  Lavender Pear
  Lavender Round
  Lavender Square
  Lavender Trillion

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Please note, we only sell loose cubic zirconia, not finished jewelry.
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