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Year Old Jewelry Heist Solved

Almost a full calendar year ago, a burglar smashed his way into a Sears store and stole multiple pieces of jewelry valued at more than fifty thousand dollars.  Detectives retrieved DNA from blood left on broken glass and were able to identify a suspect, he remained on the loose through the remainder of 2009 and through the first third of 2010 before getting picked up by police following another, very similar smash and grab jewelry type robbery.

On April 23rd Surray Tavares Brown broke into a JC Penny store and helped himself to nearly one hundred thousand dollars worth of jewels before being picked up by police on the 26th.  Brown is said to have an extensive record and is believed to be responsible for a multitude of other crimes in addition to the two known jewelry heists.

When stores stock ample amounts of natural gemstone jewelry, the value of their inventory can easily reach into the hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars – this can make them a favorite target for these types of crimes.  Unfortunately, criminals know that if they can get in and get their hands on just a few pieces that they could be in for a large score.  Jewelry crimes continue to go up every year because there is, and always will be, a good resale value for the stolen product.

There is no danger of a shortage of cubic zirconia – so the cost and resale value remain low, a criminal generally won’t take the risk of getting caught to steal a product that he won’t be able to get much return on, regardless of how beautiful it may be.  Cz and other lab gems are not only as beautiful and nearly as durable as natural gems, but they are much less attractive to criminals making them potentially safer to stock – this could be a very big reason why some retailers are beginning to stock more lab gem jewelry in their stores and less natural gem jewelry.

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