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Getting Down And Dirty With Gemstones

Around the world in Queensland, prospectors are hoping that government officials will lift the ban on recreational prospecting in Queensland state forests.  According to reports from the on October 12, 2012, in past years, the Labor government has disallowed any prospecting in most of the state’s National Parks estate land, which has angered many [...]

From Food to Fashion

Reality television star Padma Laksmi has taken her talent from the small screen, as the host of the outrageously popular Top Chef, to the showcase with a brand new jewelry line.  The high end fashions from the design mind of the TV personality have just become available for purchase at Niemen Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman [...]

Celebrating 35 Years with a Stunning New Collection

Larry Jewelry, which has now been a fine jewelry fixture in Singapore for the last thirty five years, is marking their anniversary with a stunning new collection.  With remarkably beautiful pieces like “Waterfall,” which contains 68 incredible sea pearls and thirty six flawless round diamonds and “Hanging Wisteria,” with 227 tiny round diamond pieces and [...]

Unusual Color Makes Lab Created Padparadschah Highly Desirable

The Cubic Zirconia Padparadschah Oval is one of the jewelry industry’s more unusual products. It is an inexpensive lab creation of one of the world’s rarest, most expensive gems, the padparadschah sapphire. Bearing the Sinhalese name for “lotus flower,” this unusually colored sapphire is a seductive pink-orange variety of corundum that is so delicate and rare [...]