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Major League Ice

The Florida Marlin’s star shortstop, Hanley Ramirez, is undoubtedly one of the best baseball players around today and his statistics prove it.  Ramirez hit an astounding .342 last year to win the National League batting title and to award him for the feat the Marlin’s owner bestowed upon him a an incredible white gold/white diamond pendant that literally spells out the star’s impressive batting average.

With nearly ten carats of white diamonds, this pendant is something that very few regular fans could hope to afford, but the Marlin’s are planning a very special giveaway that will land an incredibly beautiful cz replica into the hands of 5000 lucky fans.  This is a giveaway that will not soon be forgotten – it’s not your average everyday poster, hat, t-shirt or mini baseball bat, we are talking about an optically flawless pendant containing more than three hundred brilliant cubic zirconia.  A well made replica will likely be so beautiful that if Hanley Ramirez himself were to see his original pendant next to one of the replicas – he wouldn’t be able to tell them apart.

If it weren’t for the fact that lab created gems can mimic their naturally mined counterparts so closely, this effort to replicate probably wouldn’t be a very big hit – but due to the fact that it takes a trained professional with special equipment to tell a real diamond from a lab created cz, any baseball lover or diamond lover will want to get a hold of this incredible giveaway.

Five thousand replicas of such an incredible piece seems like it would be an awfully large expense to invest in a giveaway, but lab created gems cost a fraction of what real diamonds cost and purchasing in such large quantities often leads to even larger discounts off of the already low price – so despite the fact that these replicas will be tough to distinguish from the originals, they really won’t be too much of a cost burden for the team to bare.

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