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Lab Created Sapphires Versus Natural Sapphires

Sapphires have been a desired gemstone for many years.  Natural sapphires take thousands of years for the earth to create and are not often found to be flawless.   During the crystallization process, traces of minerals become trapped within the gemstone which commonly causes flaws and inclusions in the natural sapphires to occur.  Natural sapphires without flaws or inclusions command higher prices than those without flaws or inclusions as their clarity rating are higher, which results in their appraised value being higher.

Lab created sapphires have the same mineral composition as natural gemstones have.  There are two main differences between natural sapphires and lab created sapphire gemstones…

• Lab created sapphires are created in a laboratory with special equipment that is designed to simulate the heat and high pressure that naturally occurs in the earth when gemstones are created.  Because the equipment is controlling all aspects of creating the beautiful lab created sapphires, flaws and inclusions do not typically exist in the laboratory setting, as they would naturally beneath the earth’s surface.

• There is a significant cost difference between lab created sapphires and natural sapphires.  Lab created sapphires are identical to natural gemstones so investing in lab created gems instead of natural ones is a wise decision.

At PehnecGems you will find beautiful sparkling crystal blue lab created sapphires in sizes that range from 1.25mm to 13mm. Our round, oval, octagon, square, pear, heart, trillion and baguette variety of shapes make them a perfect choice for jewelers who are looking to create something special for their customers.

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