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Good enough to be Criminal

You can see it on just about any street corner in New York City and on thousands of websites on the internet – people selling “knock off” watches, handbags, shoes and any other hot trends in fashion.  These items usually look good enough to pass as the real thing, but rarely measure up to the quality standards of the original items.  Generally speaking, most shoppers know that what they are purchasing from street vendors isn’t really an authentic Rolex watch or Gucci bag, but they don’t mind because they want to have the look for less.

Though this practice can hurt the manufacturers of the original products, the sale of these items usually doesn’t hurt the consumer because the he or she is most likely already aware that they aren’t buying an original, but in the case of jewelry this situation could conceivably be very different.

There are many cases reported each year where a consumer purchased what was marketed as a natural diamond (or other valuable gemstone), but what they received was, in fact, a lab created gem.

It’s more than just a shame that shoppers can get duped out of their money by unscrupulous individuals, but it is a true testament of the quality of most lab created gems that they can effectively pass as their natural mined counterparts.  If the quality of loose cz and other lab gems wasn’t so high and if they didn’t look so incredibly close to natural gems, this would probably never be an issue.

If you are looking to save money, but still look fabulous you don’t have to shop for sales that look to good to be true with natural gems – because as the old saying goes, “if it looks to good to be true, it probably is.”  You can eliminate any confusion about what you are going to get by simply buying jewels crafted from cz in the first place.  You can get an ultra high quality piece of jewelry for the lowest possible price, and only you will know that it isn’t a natural diamond.

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