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Baguettes – Lab Created And Loose Cubic Zirconia

Emerald Colored Cubic Zirconia Stone

Emerald Colored Cubic Zirconia Stone

The name “baguette” is derived from the French word “baguette” which mean “long rod”.  Baguette gemstones were first created during the 1902’s.  Their sleek geometric shape became a preferred design shape among jewelry makers during the Art Nouveau and Art Deco movements.  Because of it’s functionality and clean lines, baguette shaped gems were used in a variety of jewelry pieces.

As in today’s world, jewelry makers and manufactuers found that baguette gemstones were well received by western society.  The baguette gemstone was primarily used by jewelers as a side stone which helped to hide unwanted spaces that was created by the centerpiece stone.  The baguette cut is similar to an emerald cut gemstone.  The stone should be of high quality and cut or existing flaws in the gemstone will be glaring to the jeweler and customer alike.  In the 1920, jewelers and jewelry makers primarily used baguette gemstones for costume jewelry pieces.

Fast forward to 2013 and you will find that baguette gemstones are still a popular stone for use in jewelry pieces.  Jewelry makers and manufacturers choose loose cubic zirconia stones and lab created gems in their jewelry creations.  Their love of the shaped step cut of the stones enables them to be placed in many types of jewelry pieces which customers adore.

Baguette lab created gems and loose cubic zirconia baguette stones are still used for side stones in ring settings.  Because jewelers are able to perfectly line up the flawlessly created loose cubic zirconia and lab created baguette stones, they are able to add a high level of sophistication to their ring creations when baguettes are used in channel settings or even uniformly placed side by side as the centerpiece to create a stunning ring.  When baguette lab created gems and loose cubic zirconia baguette stones are used around a center stone in a pendant, a spectacular blast of brilliant sparkle and fire is created which makes the lab created gems and loose cubic zirconia stones look like a beautiful and expensive diamond look-a-like piece of jewelry.  For a special treat for customers, jewelry designers and manufacturers using a lab created gem as a center stone, surrounded by baguette shaped loose cubic zirconia stones will find it to be a would be a highly desirable jewelry piece.

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