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Another Miraculous Colored Diamond to Hit the Auction block

In just a few short weeks Christie’s New York will offer up an incredibly vibrant and rare pink fancy diamond for auction.  The head of jewelry at Christie’s in New York has commented that this particular diamond has the most vivid color he’s seen in a stone this size. 

Naturally mined colored diamonds like this one are among the most sought after jewels available right now so this could potentially be a huge sale for Christie’s.  With a similar stone netting right around a million dollars per carat just a few short months ago, this fancy pink diamond is expected to fetch upwards of twelve to fifteen million dollars or more.  While fifteen million would be a far cry from the record of 46 million for a pink diamond sold at a Sotheby’s auction just last year it would be a fantastic way for Christie’s to kick off 2011.

Pink is undoubtedly going to be one of the hot colors of spring 2011, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ve got to have fifteen million dollars in order make a statement with your accessories.  Designers and fine jewelry retailers understand the need for affordable accessories and are taking steps to ensure that even those on a budget can keep up with the latest trends. 

Plenty of designers are making full use of high quality colored cubic zirconia in order to craft brilliant and eye catching accessories for affordable prices.  Wholesale pink cubic zirconia is just as vivid and vibrant as a naturally mined fancy pink diamond, but cz is much more readily available and much more affordable.  Designers can use wholesale pink cz in any fine metal setting to create the most incredible high fashion accessories for the upcoming season without worrying about the cost deterring consumers.

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