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A Little bit Country, a lot of Beautiful Jewels

The stars came out dressed to impress at the Academy of Country Music Awards this past weekend, but unlike many of the other blockbuster award show red carpets, this ones tends to be just a little more subdued and classic in terms of fashion.

Two of Country’s youngest and most talented stars, Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift, managed to wow the crowds and cameras with gowns that had color and flare, matched with the perfect jewels to create a powerfully beautiful look that was just right for the occasion, without going overboard.

Any time a star, especially a star that is so young, can pull a look together so perfectly, fans begin to wonder where they might be able to get pieces of the ensemble to add to their own wardrobe for special occasions.  Though the “one of a kind” gowns may be impossible to duplicate and the shoes may cost a fortune, many fashion conscious fans who are on a budget know that they’ll be able to find an affordable version of the jewels worn by the stars if they can find a retailer who deals in jewelry made from cubic zirconia.

A lot of elements of fashion are hard to duplicate affordably simply because the raw materials that are used in the original are expensive and using a less expensive substitute could result in an inferior product – this couldn’t be further from the truth when it comes to lab created gems though.  Loose cz can be purchased in lots from wholesalers and used to recreate the most beautiful pieces of jewelry from the red carpet at a fraction of the price of natural diamonds, but the end user won’t have to sacrifice the quality.  CZ is durable, optically flawless and the only people who can tell it apart from the real thing are trained professions.

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