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First Red Diamond to go Up for Auction

Sotheby’s in Australia has a jewelry auction slated for April 12th and the big item to go up on the block is a stunning red diamond.  This is the first time a red diamond has ever been offered for public auction, so the estimated price of close to one million dollars may even be exceeded [...]

Get ready for the “Hollywood Collection”

World renowned jewelry designer to the stars, Chris Aire, who is responsible for adding much of the ice to the look of top rappers, actors and performance artists with deep enough pockets, is getting ready to launch his latest line later this week.  The seemingly very appropriate name of the line is the “Hollywood Collection,” [...]

Tiffany & Co. Going Strong

One of the most recognizable names in the jewelry industry is showing positives across the board with solid increase in overall sales, same store sales and value of stock as the numbers from the final quarter of 2009 were posted.  Tiffany posted more than a twenty five percent increase in earnings and an almost twenty [...]