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Lab Created Gems Make Celebrity Look Alike Jewelry Designs Affordable

Celebrities are tying the knot at what seems to be a record pace lately. One of the biggest trends that have jewelry designers jumping for joy is the rise in popularity of the colored stone engagement ring. Take a look at newly engaged singer Kelly Clarkson’s ring finger and you’ll see her many-carat canary yellow diamond stunner. Of course, Kate Middleton and Prince William said their “I Dos” in the wedding watched around the world – the Duchess’s hand graced by the brilliant sapphire and diamond ring once belonging to Princess Diana.

Jewelry designers are now creating equally as beautiful, but more importantly, affordable renditions of Celebrity’s and Hollywood’s hottest ring trends thanks to the help and versatility of lab created gems.

Designers looking toward the trends also look to to provide the best quality and cut cubic zirconia stones. Dazzling yellows, blues, red and other hues can all be purchased in the company’s online store. These loose cubic zirconia gems are getting snapped up by designers and jewelry retailers looking to satisfy the public’s craving for all things celebrity. Cubic zirconia allows ladies not in the public eye to wear their own personalized version of the famous rings, not necessarily as engagement rings or tokens of love, but more often to express their own sense of style.

The lab-created gemstones found at vary so greatly that designers and jewelry retailers are bound to find the perfect unique offerings to satisfy their customers’ demands. Ask our experts at PehnecGems about our bulk and quantity specials.

Angelina Jolie Wears Jewelry Designed by Brad Pitt

As recent weeks have demonstrated, any and everything Angelina Jolie does, says, or wears is bound to attract attention. So of course it can be no surprise that the New York Daily News reported on and published close-up photos of the jewelry that the actress and humanitarian wore to the premiere of he fiancé Brad Pitt’s new movie “World War Z” in Berlin. While earlier in her career, Jolie attracted notice for her offbeat style, she is not getting attention for her well-chosen accessories.

Pitt had already given Jolie the bracelet and earrings that were highlighted before but the movie premiere marked the first time she wore these pieces in public. The bracelet, which Pitt designed with the help of Jolie’s personal jeweler, has five rows of quartz. The diamond earrings she also wore were created to match the engagement ring that Pitt has given her.

Jolie had already gotten in to jewelry design herself: consumers in China and U.S. will be able to purchase pieces from there Style of Jolie jewelry collection later this year. Jolie not only appreciated and admired the work Pitt did with her personal jewelry on a personal level; she also thought highly enough of the bracelet to include as part of the Style of Jolie collection.

While Jolie’s jewelry will be available in the United States, it will not be made widely available. One will need to patronize certain vendors to get it. However, you can create jewelry inspired by her collection and her overall look using wholesale loose cubic zirconia and wholesale lab created gems.

Make Statement Necklaces For Wedding Guests to Stand Out

Not only should you consider stocking engagement rings made with loose cubic zirconia, you should also stock jewelry for wedding guests. Those who are attending weddings will want statement pieces they can wear with a dress that will not outshine the bride but will still look great with their dresses.  Even if the wedding is a special day for the wedding party, particularly for the bride, this doesn’t mean that the rest of these assembled cannot look their best as well.

A recent Yahoo! Finance article entitled “Here’s the Real Cost of Being a Wedding Guest” outlined how much people tend to pay to attend a wedding and noted that these costs have gone up significantly in the last few years. Jewelry was included as one of the items that wedding guests spend money on and depending on how many weddings someone chooses to attend over the summer, they might want to get a number of pieces to go with different ensembles.

Statement necklaces made with loose cubic zirconia and lab created gems can be made in a number of lengths. Long necklaces and shorter necklaces and collars can go with a variety of dresses—strapless, scooped neck, and ones with thin straps. You can also make earrings and cocktail rings to compliment different kinds of dresses. Some summer weddings are formal evening affairs while others are more casual. Either way, wedding guests want to look gorgeous and perhaps have something shiny so they can stand out.

The Value of Cubic Zirconia Engagement Rings, pt. 3

Few marketing campaigns since the advertising industry began have rivaled the success of the campaign to get more American men to buy diamond engagement rings. This effort to sell more diamonds is not that far back in history, and yet few people are aware that the idea that a diamond is must for marriage is not an age-old notion but a fairly modern one.

Business Insider seeks to bring this history to light in “Diamonds Are A Sham And It’s Time We Stop Getting Engaged With Them,” detailing how diamond ring sales plummeted during the Great Depression. The industry sought help from advertising agencies because they wanted to convince young men to buy diamond rings for their sweethearts. At that time, wealthy women didn’t want the same kind of ring other women had and women of less means were not sure that a diamond was worth the money. To accompany ad campaigns, the industry engaged movie stars, fashion designers, and even the British royal family to promote the value of diamonds in the media. After a while, the public was won over: a diamond was a must.

However, the Business Insider article is calling this all into question. For customers who are open to the idea, why not propose an engagement ring made with loose cubic zirconia? We have been told that because it takes so long for natural diamonds to be created, they represent the effort people make to capture their beloved’s heart. With an uncertain economy, perhaps more people will be willing to go for lab created stones and use the hard-earned money they have saved for something else.

The Value of Cubic Zirconia Engagement Rings, pt. 2

In “Diamonds Are A Sham And It’s Time We Stop Getting Engaged With Them,” Business Insider takes on the notion that people get engaged and exchanged diamond rings because diamonds are rare and valuable. According to Business Insider, the diamond supply is restricted in a way that makes the prices for diamonds artificially high.

In contrast to that, lab created gems like loose cubic zirconia are not as rare and therefore are perceived to have less value. The Business Insider article is a call to try to change that idea but they can’t do it alone. Jewelry designers and manufacturers can also get the word out and educate customers on the advantages of cubic zirconia. This does not mean that everyone is going to abandon diamonds but it could mean that more and more financially prudent couples would consider something other than a diamond when they get engaged.

Some people simply are not aware of the fact that the diamond they are buying may be marked up 100-200%. This doesn’t occur to them because we have all been told over and over that diamonds are rare, beautiful gems that are given as tokens of true love and affection.

Let your customers know that due to a hardness of 8.5 and modern technical advances, cubic zirconia has become a high quality, inexpensive, and beautiful gemstone alternative to natural diamonds.  And if they are not preoccupied with the idea that anything other than a diamond is “fake,” they can spend less and have something beautiful…what could be more real than that?

The Value of Cubic Zirconia Engagement Rings, pt. 1

In an earlier blog post, we asked, “Should You Stock Cubic Zirconia Engagement Rings?” While we think the answer is yes, we know that your customers might not immediately take to the idea since the notion that a diamond ring is a must for every bride is such a big part of our culture.

Common wisdom tells us to be wary of spending too much money on appreciable assets since these are the kinds of things that lose value immediately after we purchase them. For example, lots of people will tell you that a car loses half of its value as soon as you drive it off the lot…but few will say the same thing about diamond as Business Insider did in an article entitled “Diamonds Are A Sham And It’s Time We Stop Getting Engaged With Them”

If you have customers that are willing to consider alternatives to diamonds, you can find ways to gently encourage them to consider artfully designed rings made with wholesale loose cubic zirconia. Some people are less concerned with impressing friends and relatives and more concerned with building a solid foundation for their future. It can be helpful to remind those people that if you were to invest the money you would spend on a diamond into stocks or real estate, you could ensure your financial stability in a way that you cannot when you buy a pricey diamond ring.

Pehnec Gems is a cubic zirconia dealer you can trust to provide you with high quality gems–peruse our website today.



Jewelry Trend Report from the Couture Las Vegas Show

The Los Angeles Times recently reported on jewelry trends that stood out from the Couture Las Vegas show. The show, which was five days long, gave one reporter plenty of time to observe what is new in fine jewelry–

Butterflies: The paper’s website reported that butterflies are “timeless” and even though they have inspired jewelry throughout the ages, there are always new and creative ways to depict these beautiful creatures. The show offered examples of butterflies in collars, bracelets, and earrings.

New spaces for jewelry: The jewelry we’re accustomed to tends to cover the same real estate. Sometimes you have to think outside of the jewelry box. If you have customers that are looking for unusual jewelry, consider these options: knuckle rings, jeweled handbars that cover the knuckles, cross-bar rings. There were also pieces used to adorn traditional places that took on new depth such as full-finger rings and combination ring and bracelets.

Truly unique jewelry: According to The Los Angeles Times, jewelry customers, especially women, are looking for pieces that they are certain no one else has. Jewelry manufactures and designers have an opportunity to provide customers with pieces of jewelry that are not manufactured in massive amounts. Sometimes you will be able to design very specific pieces for a customer. In other cases, you can make limited editions and vary the gems and designs in such a way that customers don’t feel like they have something that everyone else also has.

Pehnec Gems sells quality lab created gems and loose cubic zirconia wholesale that you can use to create unique looks your customers will love.


Actress Zoë Kravitz Has a New Jewelry Collection

Actress/model Zoë Kravitz, daughter of actress Lisa Bonet and rocker Lenny Kravitz, was destined to be a style icon. Not only did she inherit her parents amazing genes, she has also been influenced by their style. Her mother Lisa Bonet, known for her boho chic style, used to drag her to flea markets starting at the tender age of five. And her father is no slouch in the style department either.

Like the other offspring of well-known parents, Kravitz has been much admired and photographed and she is now using that notoriety to get into the jewelry design business. Last month, she announced a partnership with Swarovski. Kravitz said her designs are not meant to be overbearing, so they can be worn alone or layered with other pieces. Many of the pieces reflect the Native American and boho influences that Kravitz may have gotten from her mother.

A number of of the pieces in her collection are in shades of blue since they mix crystals with blue opal, along with turquoise and tanzanite, which are Kravitz’s birthstones. The jewelry that she has designed bucks the trend of statement earrings and necklaces and chunky bracelets and has a rather delicate air. So, for customers who want jewelry that is noticeable but does not overpower an outfit, jewelry of this type might be just the thing.

Pehnec Gems sells wholesale loose cubic zirconia and wholesale lab created gems such as tanzanite. Our tanzanite is every bit as stunning as it’s naturally mined counterpart and like all CZ gems, cubic zirconia Tanzanite has a hardness of 8.5 on the Mohs scale, so it is very durable.


People Still Seek Victorian Insect Brooches Today

As we have mentioned, insect jewelry is trending this year and there are so many ways that you can combine lab created gems and loose cubic zirconia stones to create interesting insect jewelry. The insect jewelry trend is not new and designers are using Victorian insect brooches as inspiration. If you look through websites like Etsy you can see many examples that seek to imitate the insect brooches of the Victorian age.

The Victorians had an interest in nature and natural history that some attribute to advances in science. Professionals and amateurs collected insect specimens and joined clubs to discuss their findings. The natural world was also a popular topic for books and newspaper articles. So of course this interest spilled over into art, crafts, decorations, and jewelry.

Some possibilities for such jewelry today include:

Butterflies: Butterflies are a popular jewelry option because the actual butterfly is admired for its beauty. You can use lab created gems for the butterfly’s head, thorax, and abdomen while using other materials for the wings. You can also do the opposite or make completely bejeweled butterfly with a sparking body and wings.

Creepy Crawlers: While the butterfly is known for its beauty, people of the Victorian age did not just stick to insects people admire. They also chose jewelry made of the kind of insects people are not fond of in real life. Pehnec Gems sells lab created gems in a variety of colors to add shine to the eyes, bodies, and wings of crawling insects. And with loose cubic zirconia you can mix and match colors for interesting insect jewelry.

Push Presents for New Moms

When a man gives a woman a gift as a way of saying “thank you” for having our child, this is known as a push present. While some people think this is perfectly fine given the amount of sacrifice involved in pregnancy and motherhood, other people find the idea appalling. There is no set tradition for giving these gifts–some are given soon after the baby’s birth and others may be presented in the delivery room.

If you’ve never heard of a push present, that’s okay. Push presents aren’t the kind of thing that is touted in commercials but they’re the sort of thing that’s discussed among friends. And when a celebrity receives a push present after giving birth to a child people tend to pay attention.

While celebrity mothers can expect push presents that include expensive gemstones, new parents who have average incomes might not want to spend so much on jewelry…after all the costs of raising a child are not going to get lower anytime soon. So you can offer possible push presents made with lab created gems that will not take away from the baby’s college fund. Necklaces and pendants make wonderful options while a ring might not be the best option because it is possible that a woman’s hands may swell during pregnancy.

Some fathers go for push presents that incorporate the gemstone of the month when the baby is born, so it can be a kind of keepsake for the mother.

Pehnec Gems offers wholesale loose cubic zirconia in a variety of colors so you can create jewelry that fathers can give to show their appreciation.