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Welcome to PehnecGems - Your #1 Loose Cubic Zirconia and Lab Created Gems Wholesale Supplier.

We offer a large online wholesale catalog of the highest quality loose cubic zirconia and lab created gems.

We have been in business since 1961 and are one of the most trusted Loose CZ wholesale suppliers in the world.  

We have a large selection of loose cubic zirconia available at wholesale prices and lab created gemstones for jewelry making and distribution.

We offer a large variety of shapes and sizes including popular round and square shapes, and also unique heart, oval, octagon, marquise, pear and star shapes. We make ordering online easy and hassle-free.

All items on our site are in stock and ready to ship unless otherwise noted. What’s more, our loose cubic zirconia selections are priced below typical wholesale prices.

Cubic zirconia and other lab created gemstones are increasing in popularity and many people now consider them to be just as beautiful than their natural counterparts.

When you buy loose cubic zirconia and lab created gemstones from PehnecGems at our special below wholesale pricing you can increase your product offerings.

Our loose cubic zirconia are of the highest quality in regards to cut and polish.

Please note, we are a loose cubic zirconia wholesaler, we only sell quality cut and polished loose cubic zirconia stones and not finished cubic zirconia jewelry.

Cubic Zirconia White AAAAA CZ White AAAAA
The most valued Cubic Zirconia gemstone product on the market. The CZ White AAAAA quality stone is considered to be just as brilliant as a real diamond.
CZ Tanzanite Oval CZ Tanzanite Oval
The unique blue color makes the CZ tanzanite stone one of most popular products in the jewelry industry. Naturally occurring Tanzanite is more rare and valuable than a diamond.
CZ Padpasadschah Oval CZ Padparadschah Oval
The unique beauty offered by this warm-toned pink colored gemstone makes it very popular with our jewelry suppliers due to its usual color and luminosity.
Lab Alexandrite Marquise Alexandrite Marquise
We sell the highest-quality Alexandrite marquise made from corundum. Our polished stones are fine cut, loupe clean and low priced. This particular gem is named after Czar Alexander II of Russia.
CZ Emerald Octagon CZ Emerald Octagon
Our CZ emerald octagon looks beautiful in any setting and is a very popular stone with designers. In many ways it is more beautiful than naturally occurring emeralds as it does not contain cloudy inclusions.
Lab Blue Sapphire Round Blue Sapphires Round
This gemstone is an excellent substitute for its high-priced naturally occurring sapphire counterpart. With proper care, these gemstones can last for generations and are nearly as hard as diamonds.
CZ Garnet Pear CZ Garnet Pear
This is one of the more unusual products in the jewelry industry and it is also one of our best sellers due to the deep ruby color and quality cut and polish.
CZ Peridot Octagon CZ Peridot Octagon
The wonderful luster of a Cubic Zirconia peridot makes this wonderful green gemstone very popular with jewelry designers.
CZ Aqua Square CZ Aqua Square
The Cubic Zirconia aquamarine gemstone looks spectacular in any setting and is a favorite among jewelry lovers. A pale nearly clear aqua color is our hallmark.
Lab Ruby Oval Lab Created Ruby Oval
Our rubies are made from corundum and are chemically indistinguishable from naturally occurring gemstones. These rich red gemstones are beautifully cut and polished ready for placement in your jewelry design.
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